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Puppy Education

New puppy? Learn how to raise a well behaved and happy dog in the place they need to learn it – at home! 2 hours of interesting and rewarding information with lots of behaviour and training advice. Give them the very best start.

£40 per session

Problem Dogs

The best place and time to deal with behaviour issues is when it’s happening. This isn’t ever just a ‘training’ session, behaviour always has an under-lying reason or trigger. Let me help you understand what is happening and give you the ‘tools’ to change it.

2 to 3 hours £80
Follow up sessions £40

Dog Training

My dog training service covers areas such as basic obedience, how to get solid stays, retrieves, recalls and competitive heelwork etc.

£30 per hour

About Me

I have been working, showing and breeding dogs for over 30 years. With experience of a broad spectrum of training disciplines, I have also bred and shown top quality show winners and worked my dogs to a competitive standard in obedience and agility. Having run successful dog training clubs for over 20 years, I feel I am able to pass on my experience to other dog owners in a comfortable, accessible and above all, easy to understand manner. My approach is to use fun, motivational methods based on the latest science of how dogs see their world and how they learn. I take an holistic approach to dog care, nutrition, health and training. My aim is help you understand and bond with your best friend.

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I am located in and around the Dorset area.

Available from 10am to 6pm any day by appointment.